From leading art museums to private collections, there is only one APF Munn.

Since our early beginnings in 1955 we were known as APF Munn Master Framemakers, APF Munn has become a global leader in high-end custom frames for fine art.

Our customers include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, The Smithsonian Institute, the White House collection and many other fine public and private collections. Galleries and designers from New York to Los Angeles rely on APF Munn’s high level of customized service and quality domestic manufacturing. Our large staff of designers and art historians work closely with our customers, including interior designers, museum curators, galleries, and even private collectors. Our expertise and the dedication of our customers create profound synergy, resulting in frames that are best suited for any designated/coupled art piece.

Please be our guest and select any combination of elements from our library of over 2,000 designs, or let us execute your own design. Handmaking our fine museum fames is a unique process. We combine new/green technology with traditional craft that requires exceptionally skilled workers, undebatably the most skilled in the world.

We know that our process which has been coveted the world over, must begin with a careful selection of materials. We use only Italian gold, nothing less. If appropriate, steel embossing wheels are used to press detailed patterns into any selected frame. Not surprising, we have the most sought after collection of historical dies on this side of the world, competing with the finest Italian and Parisian framemakers.

Our frames are hand finished, which may include the application of 22 Karat gold leaf or faux gold leaf. We also can produce age in our working of frames, and we often take orders for restoring antique frames, so that a treasure can be made to look as it was intended. 

Wherever history takes us, we are ready to frame it. There is only one APF Munn.