Our Environment

From materials to manufacturing, we are environmentally conscious.


As the foremost manufacturer of fine museum frames and designer mirrors, we know how important it is to support efforts to create more environmentally responsible workplaces, and place a firm commitment on dedicating and developing sustainable solutions for the frames and mirrors we design, be it replacing rabbit glue with surgical glue for fine museum frames or using non harmful/non petroleum based products to make quantity mirror orders. Moreover we have great manufacturing partners that assist us and continue to make improvements in process and products related to sustainability and renewable materials. Selection of raw materials is an environmentally conscious decision.

Our planet is for all of us, and our families, neighbors and strangers alike, should expect our responsibility to be paramount, given our preeminence and size. We use a wide range of premium native and imported hardwood and only support non destructive harvesting practices. Below are some current and new green innovations that we are proud of.

  • Eco-friendly urethane adhesive.
  • Surgical Glue Gilding 
  • Bamboo resin composite/filler
  • Repurposed Material Option (opting to take one design and proceed with manufacturing in a repurposed material)